Yet You Do

CCLI Song #7104273 © XI Worship Music (BMI). All rights reserved. Used by Permission.
Written by: April Reuning, Shane Selby


Verse 1
The stars adorn the sky
Each one hung in place
Too vast for us to know
You call them all by name
From nothing there was light
Spoken by Your word
You created life
Sculpted from the dirt

How can You love us
Yet You love us
How can You want us
Yet You chase us

Verse 2
The Savior of the earth
From heaven sent to pay
A debt You did not owe
Your wounds were not in vain
Placed upon a hill
On a tree that Your hands made
There my own desires
Drove the nails in place

You embody love
We distort it with condition
God, You speak in truth
That we shadow with religion
You run after us
Our hearts to You are worth it
Overwhelming love
And we never will deserve it