On Earth As In Heaven

CCLI Song #7113807 © XI Worship Music (BMI). All rights reserved. Used by Permission.
Written by: Makayla McKibben, Shane Selby


Verse 1
Standing before You now
Your children crying out
Come breathe Your life upon this place
A longing to be filled
Move even deeper still
Lord, build a throne upon our praise

Pre Chorus
Can you hear the sound
Of heaven rending now

Your Spirit fall
In power come
On earth as in heaven
The fullness of
Unmeasured love
On earth as in heaven

Verse 2
Your glory coming down
Let this be holy ground
We see Your kingdom on the move
Release an outpouring
A great awakening
A generation set on You

Do you hear the prisons shake
The doors swing open
Liberation for the slaves
With cries of freedom
Do you hear the breaking chains
With pow'r from heaven
Sin defeated at the name
The name of Jesus