CCLI Song #7119670 © XI Worship Music (BMI). All rights reserved. Used by Permission.
Written by: Casey Whitaker, Makayla McKibben, Shane Selby, Taylor Gentry


Verse 1
These walls we’ve built around us
Tear them down, come tear them down
Your Spirit poured upon us
Breaking out, You’re breaking out

Pre Chorus
The flood is rising up, it’s overtaking us
Still won’t You take us deeper

Your Presence in this place
Come mighty like a hurricane
Rush in and have Your way
Come move until the levee breaks

Verse 2
The waves of heaven roaring
Hear the sound, we hear the sound
The wells are overflowing
Feel it now, we feel it now

The depths are calling me
For there is more to see
The depths are calling me
I’m sinking in the deep