Global Catalytic Ministries is our ministry partner out of the Middle East. They exist to bring The Gospel of Jesus to Muslims by means of evangelism, discipleship, church planting, and more. Terrorism, totalitarian governments, the rise of radical Islam, and social upheavals have created an unparalleled window of opportunity to reach millions of despairing nonbelievers with the Gospel. GCM is seizing this moment to proclaim the message of Christ to Muslims without hope— AND THOUSANDS ARE COMING TO CHRIST.




So what is our role in this? When we asked GCM what their biggest need was, they made it clear that prayer is the number one priority. The purpose of our partnership is to bring awareness about what God is doing overseas so that followers here can commit to pray for the leaders there. We are not "the American Church" and "the Persecuted Church" - we are just THE CHURCH, and we want our actions to show it. #UNTILJESUS is our initiative to bring the GLOBAL church together. The same Jesus moving in America is the same Jesus changing lives in the Middle East. The thing that brings the two together is agreeing that ALL of our lives were _______ (fill in the blank), until Jesus stepped in.